The NCA International Outreach Fund is a program that funds various programs around the world whose mission is to uplift and empower children, families and Mother Earth through creative means. Our goal is to support these programs financially as well as to foster cultural exchange and education. Some of the programs we love to support: Vimbainashe Learning Center Who is Vimbainashe Learning Center? The Vimbainsashe Learning centre is school in Zimbabwe which is supported by Nich Cultural Arts. It was established in November 1992 and it initially operated from Calvary Church in Mabelreign, Harare. At least 150 children are drawn from different walks of life are enrolled. The idea to start up this project came up when Sylvia Musasiwa was a teacher at Gateway High School which mainly enrolled students from the elite class. “I wanted to do something special for the underprivileged and hence the reason I came up with the plan to start my own school.Sylvia Musasiwa was born in a family of 11 children, and that included a brother who was deaf and mute. Her brother’s disability inspired and motivated her to establish Vimbainashe Learning Institute, a centre for children with special needs. Nich has recently established a connection with the Vimbainsashe Learning centre in providing international outreach to the children and families through supporting their educational programs in the arts.