About Us

Nich (pronounced neesh) Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2003 by Akua Akoto-Allrich and Asukile Allrich with the intent of facilitating the free expression of the culture and heritage of peoples of Afrikan descent through the arts–graphic design, literature, spoken word, rap, song, instrument, dance, visual art, fashion, etc.   We are a continuation of many organizations dedicated to the perpetuation of Afrikan upliftment.   Some of these organizations include Nation House, Ankobea, Josephine C. King, M.D., and Nation.   In addition to having a passion for artistic expression and wholistic and complete development, Nich is dedicated to providing international outreach to at risk children and families through educational and fundraising programs.


Advisory Board Members:

Yaa Asantewa A. Akoto-Hargrove
Kanika A. Harris
Serenity Moore

Necelia Jones
Adrian Jermaine Mobley
Billy Allrich
Brandi Iberia Austin
Akua Kehembe Agyeiman Eichelberger
Akua N. Akoto
K. Agyei Akoto