Nich (pronounced neesh) Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2003 by Akua Akoto-Allrich and Asukile Allrich with the intent of facilitating the free expression of the culture and heritage of peoples of Afrikan descent through the arts--graphic design, literature, spoken word, rap, song, instrument, dance, visual art, fashion, etc.   We are a continuation of many organizations dedicated to the perpetuation of Afrikan upliftment.   Some of these organizations include Nation House, Ankobea, Josephine C. King, M.D., and Nation.   In addition to having a passion for artistic expression and wholistic and complete development, Nich is dedicated to providing international outreach to at risk children and families through educational and fundraising programs.


Advisory Board Members:

Yaa Asantewa A. Akoto-Hargrove Kanika A. Harris Serenity Moore

Necelia Jones Adrian Jermaine Mobley Billy Allrich Brandi Iberia Austin Akua Kehembe Agyeiman Eichelberger Akua N. Akoto K. Agyei Akoto