Piti Piti Wazo Fe Nich Li!– Little by little the bird builds its nest.

Nich Cultural Arts is a non-profit cultural arts organization dedicated to providing arts enrichment through creative programing, activities and education. We are also passionate about international outreach to at risk children and families through educational and fundraising programs. Please help us to facilitate our vision by donating to our various arts and outreach programs. Every little bit helps. Piti Piti wazo fe nich li – Little by little the bird builds its nest! All donations are tax-deductible.

Black Women Arts & Activism; Nina Simone Miriam Makeba Tribute Festival

The Black Women, Arts and Activism Festival; Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba Tribute aims to highlight and inspire the inseparable connection between the arts and activism as it relates directly to women of African descent in the United States and the African diaspora. Our goal is to highlight, educate and empower women and their communities to identify and use strategies to work for racial justice.

The far reaching goal of the Festival is to educate and empower Black women and through them, black men and families. We will do this by working with women to develop tools and strategies to overcome racial injustice everywhere. Our approach is to use art as a vehicle of conversation, developing and sharing tools for motivation, action and moving our communities forward despite economic and social circumstances.

Our inaugural Black Women, Arts and Activism; Nina Simone, Miriam Makeba tribute festival will take place on Sunday, October 6th, 2019, sponsored and hosted by the Atlas Performing Arts Center in NE Washington, DC. The festival will include an art exhibition, vendors, an invigorating panel discussion, culminating with our 11th annual Nina Simone Miriam Makeba tribute concert in the evening. 


NCA Operations Fund

Nich Cultural Arts is dedicated to providing arts programming, expositions and international outreach. In order to facilitate our mission we need your help! All support on every level is very much needed and appreciated. Please donate generously, as we are a non-profit organization and depend heavily on generous donations by wonderful people such as you

NCA Arts Education Program

NCA Arts Education Program is a FREE program that is designed to expose youth to the arts through workshops, assemblies, projects, expositions and performances in an effort to bring basic art and instrumental instruction to children who would otherwise be unable to access such services. The NCA Arts Education Program is also dedicated to providing consistent employment opportunities to artists.

NationHouse Programs

Who is Nation House?

NationHouse was founded in July 1974 in Washington, D. C.  NationHouse grew out of the student activism of Howard University community in the late 1960s.

One of the oldest independent Afrikan centered schools in the United States and in the DC metropolitan area, NationHouse serves the specific needs of children of Afrikan heritage from pre-school to forth grade.  Today, NationHouse continues to serve families in the development and enculturation of responsible youth who are committed to their families, their community and their Afrikan culture/heritage.

Currently, NationHouse maintains several fully functioning programs including Watoto School, serving pre-kindergarten through fourth grade students and The Afrikan Youth Organization (AYO), which provides after school activities for students.

Nich has had a long-standing connection with NationHouse in providing arts education programs and financial support.