NCA Mission

The Mission of Nich Cultural Arts, Inc. is to: 

  • provide venues and opportunities for cultural exchange and information sharing to further enhance the awareness and appreciation of various ethnic groups to their own cultural expressions.

  • provide a convenient means by which those working in the cultural arts and closely related fields can communicate with the public;
  • enhance the art forms by providing artistic feedback, criticism, research and discussion of the underlying goals and philosophies;
  • facilitate the further development of cultural artistic expression and related endeavors by encouraging and/or supporting artists, musicians, or scholars working in these idioms;
  • to promote the positive artistic expression of Afrikan youth, with the intent of enabling them to emote their feelings and thoughts via positive outlets.
  • raise awareness of issues affecting at risk families all over the world;
  • contribute to and provide assistance to at risk families and children around the world as well as build bridges between minorities in America and people around the world.

The ideology of Nich Cultural Arts is built around the age-old cultural characteristic of people of African descent to survive and empower themselves through several unique styles of artistic expression.